Charles J. Waisbren, MD

“Charles Waisbren, M.D.  provides service like it used to be, medical care how it ought to be”

Dr. Waisbren runs an independent, traditional medical practice. He doesn’t work in a big clinic with large waiting rooms, ever-changing staff or a huge billing department. He doesn’t utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners, and because he is independent, he can refer to the best specialists and best hospitals.


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Sleep all messed up?

Sleep all messed up since Covid? You are not alone. How to beat insomnia: 1) 25 minute rule. If you haven't fallen asleep after 25 minutes, get out of bed and try again later. 2) Throw away your worries. Sit down with a piece of paper 1-2 hours before bedtime......(Read More)

Moving back to your own place after the pandemic

During the pandemic, many adult children moved back in with their parents.  Some have found it hard to return to their own homes.  I must admit, I loved having my son and his family move in with us for a while during the height of Covid 19.  I am not......(Read More)

Hot baths are good for you!

I am a bath guy.  There seems to be some data that they are indeed good for you. Read more: ...(Read More)

It is still safer to exercise outside

Although we are making great progress against Covid 19, it is still safer to exercise outside rather than in a closed gym.  The smaller indoor space, heavy breathing and multiple exercisers make the gym experience risker than being outside.  It is summer now.  Get out to walk, jog, bike or......(Read More)

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