Charles J. Waisbren, MD

“Charles Waisbren, M.D.  provides service like it used to be, medical care how it ought to be”

Dr. Waisbren runs an independent, traditional medical practice. He doesn’t work in a big clinic with large waiting rooms, ever-changing staff or a huge billing department. He doesn’t utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners, and because he is independent, he can refer to the best specialists and best hospitals.


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Big Mistake

I GOOFED!..... My new knee did NOT handle my return to work this week. It swelled up to the size of a watermelon and got so hot it fried my pant leg. I just can't return yet...... Dr. Vinodkumar Shah, the world's nicest man and a GREAT physician, will cover......(Read More)

New Saint Declared!

The Catholic Church and Anglican Communion have just officially declared my wife a saint (although she isn't yet deceased). Pope Francis has determined that no normal human being could have possibly put up with all the whining, whimpering and complaining that my wife has had to put up with during......(Read More)

"Bit off more than I can chew"

Guilty as my wife has charged: I have "bit off a bit more than I can chew". I am three weeks post total right knee replacement and have been able to see "call ins" on Tuesdays and Thursdays without too much difficulty. However, I have changed my mind about going......(Read More)

Slow racer.....

You know that you are slow when your 90 year old mother beats you in a "running" race. I'm up to a cane, now, so I think I might be able to win next weekend.....  ...(Read More)

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