Charles J. Waisbren, MD

“Charles Waisbren, M.D.  provides service like it used to be, medical care how it ought to be”

Dr. Waisbren runs an independent, traditional medical practice. He doesn’t work in a big clinic with large waiting rooms, ever-changing staff or a huge billing department. He doesn’t utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners, and because he is independent, he can refer to the best specialists and best hospitals.


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Boosting Resilience in Midlife

This article strikes "too close to home". My total knee replacement surgery tested my resilience. I grade myself a C....Bouncing back from physical adversity is indeed challenging. (Our Corgis are fine: the picture is for illustrative purposes only......) Read more:  ...(Read More)

Warning! Hear that buzz.....

It is here....Mosquito season. The only way to avoid those nasty critters is to lather up with Deet or stay indoors. Once bitten, nothing really works to handle the itch (except moaning and groaning)... This article is helpful in describing how to enjoy the summer regardless of the insect hazard.......(Read More)

Carbohydrates are evil

Consuming carbohydrates stimulates the urge to eat more carbohydrates.  Read why it is so difficult to keep our weight under control. Great article! ...(Read More)

Don't live with your heartburn!

Good news! You don't have to worry that your heartburn medicine can cause Alzheimer's disease. New studies don't support that notion. Read more:    ...(Read More)

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