Charles J. Waisbren, MD

“Charles Waisbren, M.D.  provides service like it used to be, medical care how it ought to be”

Dr. Waisbren runs an independent, traditional medical practice. He doesn’t work in a big clinic with large waiting rooms, ever-changing staff or a huge billing department. He doesn’t utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners, and because he is independent, he can refer to the best specialists and best hospitals.


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Post Operative Boredom...

4 days until my knee replacement.... My surgeons are ready. I need ideas what to do for all the weeks that I will be off. How about movie ideas? I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Direct TV (although I have yet to use these services...).Reading the article linked, I think......(Read More)

My poor knee....

I am having my right knee replaced a week from this Thursday. We shall see how good a patient I will be. The orthopedist who "drew the short straw" is doing the surgery. I will be on "phone call" until I am up and about... Read about when this leap ought......(Read More)

Why medical advice seems to change so frequently...

From how often woman should get pap smears to what is recommended in our food choices, indeed medical recommendations frequently change. Because double blind, controlled studies require many subjects and take many years to complete, don't be surprised if what is proposed now is not what is suggested later........(you should......(Read More)

Exercising a Fat Dog (and Yourself)

  Owning overweight dogs may help you lose weight! A new study shows that pet owners can get motivated for personal weight reduction if their pets are part of the plan... My Moses and Sophie are considering their options....Read more:        ...(Read More)

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